Post Natal Care

Once you deliver your baby, you will be discharge from hospital after 2-3 days depending on the method of delivery. You are invited to come back to Primavera Medical Centre 10 days after the delivery so that your stitches can be checked and to make sure that you are recovering appropriately. Although it is not necessary to remove the stitches after 10 days, it usually more comfortable once they have been removed and recovery is quicker.

At 6 weeks you’re requested to come back for your postnatal visit. You will be asked about the bleeding, about the stitches and how your breastfeeding is going. You will also have an examination during which the following is checked:

  1. That your uterus has gone back to normal in size,
  2. That your abdominal stitches or vaginal stitches have healed properly,
  3. That your pelvic floor is regaining its strength,
  4. That your abdominal muscles have started to strengthen.

During this examination you will also have a pap smear and a swab to check for infection. It is during this visit that the subject of future pregnancies or the need of contraception is entertained and the appropriate advise or information given. If you opt for the contraceptive pill then you are given a prescription with instructions as to when and how to start it. If you decided to go for an Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) then you are also given advice and instructions for when to come back to have it fitted.