Gynecological Check Up

It is important every woman has a gynecological check up on a regular basis. The standard frequency of these checkups is yearly. However, this may vary according to the circumstances of the woman or according to advices given by a doctor. A check up is a consultation that the patient attends even though there is nothing wrong with her and she just wants to make sure that everything is still functioning properly. During the gynecological check up the patient will be asked about:

  1. Her last menstrual period.
  2. About the quality and frequency of her period.
  3. About her desire for future pregnancies.
  4. About any increased or change in vaginal discharge.
  5. About any breast changes or problems
  6. About any urinary problems as well as about any sexual problems.

A general examination during a gynecological check up will include a breast examination, an abdominal examination, an internal pelvic examination, a pap smear and a vaginal swab for infection as required together with an ultrasound of the ovaries and pelvis if this is deemed necessary.

During a gynecological check up, the need of an ultrasound of the breast if the woman is less than 40, or the need for an ultrasound together with a mammogram of the breast if the woman is over 40 is also discussed.