Dr Rosalie Sant



Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Dr. Rosalie Sant joined Primavera Medical Centre as a Consultant in Obstetric &Gynaecology after spending six years at  Welcare  Hospital, Dubai.   She  obtained her  primary  degree  from  the  University  of  Malta and then  proceeded  to  Queen’s  Medical  Centre  in  Nottingham,  UK  for  specialist  training.  She obtained her MRCOG in 1998 and was also admitted as a member to the  Royal  College  of  Family  Planning  of  the  UK.  Dr.  Sant  pursued  her  academic  career  in  Germany  and  Switzerland  where  she undertook  research in  non-invasive  pre-natal  diagnoses.  Her work was awarded a Ph.D.  from  the  University  of  Basel,  Switzerland  and  her  doctorate  theses  won  the  Roche Prize  of the year. She is now a Fellow  of  both the Royal College of Obstetrician & Gynaecologists and the  European Board and College of  Obstetricians  and  Gynaecologists.

Dr.  Sant  returned  to  the  University  Hospital  in  Malta  to  lecture  both  pre-  and  post-graduate  students  and  to  continue  her  practice  of  general  Obstetrics  &  Gynaecology.  She  was  instrumental  in  setting  up  a  Recurrent  Miscarriage  Clinic  offering  state  of  the  art  expertise  and  treatment  in  this  field.

In keeping with the progress in the specialty, Dr Sant developed  a special  interest  in  Gynaecological  Endocrinology,  especially  the  menopause  and  polycystic  ovarian  syndrome (PCOS), and  in  minimally  invasive  surgery  like  laparoscopy,  operative  hysteroscopy  and  management  of  incontinence. She is particularly skilled in complex operative hysteroscopy.

Dr. Sant is  is  continually  upgrading  her  skills  through  attending  training  courses  in  European  Centers  of  Excellence  and  participation at  international  conferences.   Despite  her  special  interest  in  Gynaecology,  she  still  remains  loyal  to  her  initial  attraction  to  Obstetrics  and  regularly  looks after  both low  &  high  risk  pregnancies.

Her expertise includes:

  • General  Obstetrics  &  Gynaecological  Surgery
  • Operative  Hysteroscopy and  Laparoscopic  Surgery
  • High  risk  Obstetrics
  • Gynaecological  Endocrinology  especially PCOS and HRT
  • Recurrent Miscarriages