Your Body Post Birth

Following the birth of your baby, you may feel 
weakness and/or pain around your abdomen, back and pelvis.


This is because during pregnancy and childbirth your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles have been stretched and weakened.  Also for the first few weeks after your baby is born you may have a separation down the centre of your abdominal muscles.  It is important to protect this muscle while it has time to heal.


These muscles are designed to support your back, help you maintain correct posture and prevent incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Did you know that one in three women who have ever had a baby leak urine to some degree at various times.


What can be done?


Rehabilitation of your core muscles is important to ensure long term prevention of back pain, incontinence or prolapse and safe return to exercise. 

Weak back, abdominal, bottom and hip muscles need to be strengthened to prevent pain and injury.

At this time it is very easy to set up bad posture   habits that longer term may lead to restricted movement and pain so early correction of posture is important.


To get your body back into shape it is important to return to regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet.