What is good posture?

Good posture is when our body is held in a position where our spine and limbs are aligned so there is minimal pressure on joints and our muscles are balanced.

We need to keep good posture in all our daily activities to prevent long term bony changes and muscle strain that can result in pain and weakness.

Poor posture may be caused by muscle weakness, injury, bad habits, stress, fatigue, weight gain, poor use of muscles, or incorrect posture techniques.

Certain things in our lives “challenge” good posture and so we can learn how to prevent injury, for example, prolonged computer use, repetitive lifting at work or gym, pregnancy, or recovery following surgery or injury.

What can be done?

  • Release of tight muscles to reduce pain, restore joint motion and enable posture correction
  • Education on correct posture during sitting, standing, walking, lifting and bending
  • Advice on work place ergonomics
  • Strengthening and correct use of deep posture muscles ie. our “core muscles”
  • Muscles stretching and strengthening to help maintain muscle balance
  • Safe regular exercise to improve general fitness and wellbeing