Eating out tips

Eating out tips

Nutrition Tips for Eating Out

Yes You Can Eat Healthy.

If you are like most people who live in Dubai, eating out is a part of life. But often times it also means that you will eat more calories and fat than you need.

Although eating nutritiously when you are eating out can be a challenge – it isn’t impossible! Follow these simple tips to make sure you are getting the right nutrition even when you dine out:

- Practice eating small portions.  Take half the entré  home or split the meal with your friend.  Order an  appetizer as a main course instead.  

- Go to places where you can order healthy, low fat meals.  

- Ask to substitute high fat items like french fries for  a baked potato or side salad instead.

- Request items be made without butter or oil.

- Eat a piece of fruit or have a glass of water with  lemon 30 minutes before your meal to prevent binging over hunger.

- Avoid buffets, and all-you-can-eat specials.